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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP61524/2020/KSUM909
DIPP NO : :DIPP61524

Since April,28 2020
NPIV/445,Kottathala PO Kottarakara,Kollam, Kerala


  • Sector : Media & Entertainment,Technology,Enterprise Applications
  • Sub Sector: Customer Service Software,Construction Tech,SaaS
  • Technology: SAAS

Product Usecase

Significantly improve accessibility, reliability and flexibility of transportation services and make everyday life more productive. For everyone, transportation is important and they rely on it everyday. Our product is to significant improve this aspect of life using current generation technology.

Product Details

xKern plans to bring two essential platforms as our future projects. The first one is a market platform where any seller can join, whether it's a huge shopping mall or the smallest pani puri stand. The users can check availability and location of the stores they can buy a product from. They can order products through the app. The second one is an auto-taxi platform, where a driver can join as a worker. Unlike other such platforms, we don't take away a cut from the fare. It will be subscription-based where we provide a platform and get a small maintenance fee monthly. It's not just for cars but any vehicle that has a taxi permit can join the platform. 
Both of these platforms are intended to scale all around India. So we will need to open offices and have employees all around India. This opens up so many job opportunities all around India. Because of the model of the platforms, they can expose a lot of small businesses and drivers to consumers and ease how they find what they need

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