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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Since January,03 2020
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Nyro Research India Pvt Ltd

  • Industry : Life Sciences,Artificial Intelligence
  • Sector: Artificial Intelligence,Biopharma (by Disease),Biopharma Outsourcing
  • Technology: Machine Learning & Data Sciences
  • Product Usecase :

    At Biopharma and drug-like compound prioritization by drug discovery researchers. Our drug discovery pipelines will help in overcoming missed opportunities of the confident compounds.

  • Product Details :

    We are implementing methods to optimize medicinal plant extracts to standardize and enrich the pharmacokinetic properties to improve efficiency. Lead molecule optimizations to be carried out for the key herbal extract compounds including drug repurposing process to improve the efficacy in certain diseases.

    We are working on an innovative platform using machine learning pipelines for medical physicians to make decisions on how to enrich the longevity of human biological age. There is a huge difference between chronological and biological age of a human being. Therefore if physicians could understand the role of clinical markers in reducing the large gap between chronological and biological age, they could diagnose with trained data and recommend the level of expected clinical markers accordingly.

    PS: Under last stage discussions with KRIBS-BIONEST, Kochi for incubation