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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP26275/2016/KSUM07
DIPP NO : :DIPP26275

Since July,16 2016
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Module 17, Gayathri Building. Technopark Phase 1. Trivandrum.

Appfabs Pvt Ltd

  • Sector : Technology
  • Sub Sector: Security & Surveillance Technology

Product Usecase

Every organization is unique and so are their security landscape. Crafting your defense system may become overwhelmingly complex without the right security partner. We help organizations to stay safe from cyber attacks with our leading solutions and products.

Product Details


Beagle is an intelligent and holistic platform to make your applications hack-proof. The platform provides continuous and automated Penetration Testing (under human supervision) for organizations, so that they can always stay on top of the cyber threats

In short, Beagle finds out how deep your system can be penetrated. Know it before the hackers do!

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