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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP28185/2018/KSUM72
DIPP NO : :DIPP28185

Since September,28 2018
Yamuna, Elayavoor, Varam PO, Kannur - 670594

Astrek Innovations

  • Sector : HealthTech
  • Sub Sector: Consumer HealthTech
  • Technology: Consumer Robotics

Product Usecase

Our exoskeleton would be a tool for faster rehabilitation programs, provide a higher quality of training, and can be used for long periods while reducing the fatigue factor. The device could also be used by disabled people in home/office environments.

Product Details


Our product is a lower limb exoskeleton developed to aid patients with walking disabilities in their therapies and to perform simple utilitarian tasks. The device incorporates sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors and uses the data to create a motion analysis graph to recognize walking patterns. The device is intended to provide paraplegics with a comfortable walk on indoor spaces to help them access toilets and other utilities in a home/office environment. This reduces the terrain variations and the complexities associated with it, bringing down the cost of the product.

The product would come with add-on devices and customization to fit the needs of individual users. The devices would add stability and comfort to the patient. A rolling cradle add-on would be provided to reduce stress on the shoulders by eliminating the use of crutches. This would also eliminate the requirement of any special infrastructure requirements in rehab centres. The data from the sensors and motion analysis systems would be fed to a cloud platform for easy diagnosis, patient tracking and personalization.

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