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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

Tinos Software and Security Solutions LLP

  • Sector : EdTech,Technology,Data as a Service,Cyber Security
  • Sub Sector: Higher Education Tech,Education IT,Display Technology,Nanotechnology
  • Technology: Web technologies

Product Usecase

CITA the COVID-19 Digital Scanner, to be safe against COVID-19

Product Details

Cita is an application developed for both Business purposes and for ordinary people. During the time of the COVID -19 pandemic, while entering into any shops, malls, banks, etc the people have to enter their name manually by taking the pen which other people have touched, and by this, there could be a spread of the virus to one to one. And by using CITA the Clients(Shops, Banks, Etc) can register their Business in CITA and get a QR code on their business name, and when a Customer(Ordinary People) approaches the shop they can do a single time registration within 5seconds of time and complete scanning of QR code within 1Second of time, and while the customer scans the QR code the client(Shops) get the details of the Customer within that second of scanning, and they could download their daily data and hand it over to the Health Department. Also, there is a special feature for the health department that is the Health Department has complete accessibility to the data of there centers. Also the Reverse Scanning technique is Enabled in CITA. We can stop fighting against COVID-19 by using the Digital Entry platform that is CITA.

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