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                                 WALL PLASTERING MACHINE JS5000M 
    The Wall plastering machine is one of the most sophisticated inventions that can be used for Wall Plastering purposes in the building construction sector.
              The main advantage of this machine is that it can be used in various height level situations of the building. Besides, it can provide excellent and accurate wall finishing.
    Other advantages of JS5000M are that in this machine we can use any type of plastering materials like cement mixture,gypsom,putty, etc...for plastering. This machine can plaster 5000 Sqft area per day (8 Hrs) with low power consumption and high plastering speed. Once it is plastered then no extra putty work is required. 

    power supply                          230V,1 phase,50hz

    power consume                      2kW

    Plastering speed                   24sqft/minute

    Machine height                     2to3.6m adjestable

    Machine length                     70 to 80cm adjestable

    Machine width                      90cm

    plastering width                    60cm

    plastering thickness             0.3-3cm

    plastering height                  360cm

    Machine shifting                  motorized

    Usage location                     indoor & out door

    plastering directrion            multi angle

    plastering style                   multi level

    wall designing                    yes

    usage hours                       counter display

    power consumption           kWh meter