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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Since July,26 2018
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TMC XIII/241 SHOP, Court Road, Taliparamba Kannur , Kerala 670141 India

Amahop Technologies Private Limited

  • Industry : Consumer
  • Sector: Online Travel
  • Technology: Aggregator Platform
  • Product Usecase :

    FareFirst is a platform where travelers can search,compare and book flights and hotels around the world. FareFirst compares large amount of data from mulitple websites in the background to provide the best deal to the customer.

  • Product Details :

    FareFirst is a next-generation travel metasearch engine which takes the required search inputs from the user and searches through multiple popular online travel agencies (OTAs) to get the best deal. We aim to give a complete native booking experience in the metasearch engine domain.

    We search over 200 OTAs which fuels our Meta-Search Engine. The data that we gather is curated based on the region and further broken down to cater to the relevant demographic. Our growth has been driven by the emphasis we have given to the data we gather and how well we have been able to optimize and provide localized data.

    Our technology-driven approach finds numerous deals across the world and intelligently picks the best deals customized for you by filtering relevant deals. Our service will always be free for everyone to use. We are not a direct booking service, We aggregate the results from various online sites and help customers choose from the best.