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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech


  • Industry : Media & Entertainment,EdTech,Enterprise Applications
  • Sector: Events Tech,SaaS,Virtual Reality,Augmented Reality
  • Technology: Web technologies
  • Product Usecase :

    Product use cases include hosting events for customers according to their interest. It could range from summits, expos, trade shows, product launches, inauguration ceremonies to other entertainment events.

  • Product Details :

    The product incorporates VR and AR under one unit for conducting and managing an event which is first in its kind. It provides the user with the facility to explore the virtual world, just like how they move and interact in the physical world. This system also promotes 90% of post covid events to be conducted virtually.

    Conventional video conferencing platforms do not provide opportunity to immerse yourself in the place event. when a variety of events are conducted in those conventional platforms the look and feel of every event will be the same. People will lose interest in attending such events and the impact of conducting an event is lost in such scenarios.

    Our products provide a different experience by recreating the physical space into the virtual world and the users/ attendees will have the opportunity to explore, interact and immerse in the event just like in the physical world.