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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Since March,20 2021
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Algopower Private Limited

  • Industry : Artificial Intelligence,Internet of Things,Construction Technology
  • Sector: Industrial Internet of Things,Smart Homes,Environment Monitoring Devices,Pre Engineered Buildings
  • Technology: Artificial Intelligence
  • Product Usecase :

    Predictive Maintenance of Low Voltage Busduct system using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.Algo power solving the problem of black out in high rise buildings and commercial projects which happens due to the fault occurring in low voltage busduct because of temperature rise and short circu

  • Product Details :

    Algopower focusing  on developing the product based on Artificial intelligence and machine learning for predictive maintenance of low voltage busduct for predictive maintenance which will solve the problem/ challenge of black out in Busducts due to temperature rise and short circuit condition.  The product will be cost effective solution to the project owners for maintaining the Busducts without any additional system or manpower and can be assessed remotely also.  The market size of busducts in India is approximately INR 500 crores and Globally USD 3 Billion. From the Market size itself evident that product with an objective to increase the design life of Busducts and eliminating black out will be wide acceptable to the project owners.  Design life of Busducts is normally 20- 30 Years but due to improper maintenance the design life is reduced and black out can happen any time to the end users with power disruption.  Product will be innovative since application of Al & ML for predictive maintenance of Busduct for cost leadership, time and energy saving.With the application of AI & ML  even remote predictive analysis is possible  without visiting the site location.