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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP79422/2021/KSUM1332
DIPP NO : :DIPP79422

Since April,06 2021
1846/D1, St. Francis Church Rd Kattakkara Jn, Kathrikadavu Rd Kaloor PO, Kochi 682017

AnA Infotainment

  • Industry : EdTech,Technology
  • Sector: K-12 EdTech,Higher Education Tech
  • Technology: Augmented Reality
  • Product Usecase :

    Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based 5D products makes learning easier and interesting for students. It's a fusion of multiple technologies and advanced features like AR, VR, virtual tour, lecture videos, audio narration, downloadable notes, and 3D.

  • Product Details :

    The real-life 3D animations help in making advanced topics simpler and also register them in the minds of students, thus making learning/teaching easier and interesting. 

    We have two products ready for sale now - Human Anatomy and Solar System with AR and 3D. Our learning materials are syllabus oriented and AR, 3D, Lecture Videos and text contents for the products are prepared by our experts under the guidance of experienced and well-known academicians. We also offer to set up AR Labs of Human Anatomy & Internal Organs and Solar System at schools. We are glad to say that Augment Reality based learning tools coupled with 3D are launched for the first time in India by AnA Infotainment.

    A good part of the population being students community, and since our 5D products make learning/teaching easy and interesting there is a good scope for our products across students community worldwide. We are in the process of appointing distributors for all the states in India and also country-wise, outside India to promote our products to the international students community.

    We plan to roll out first AR/VR based learning apps for students of all grades.