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Louanne Mattioli

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Since March,24 2021
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Suite 175, LR Towers, SJRRA 104, S Janatha Rd, Palarivattom, Ernakulam, Kerala, 682025, India

Zewa feeds LLP

  • Industry : Agriculture,FoodTech,Artificial Intelligence,Waste Management
  • Sector: AgriTech,Green Technology
  • Technology: Green Technology
  • Product Usecase :

    To reduce global food wastage and provide affordable, high quality feed for livestock farmers

  • Product Details :

    Zewa Feeds Biologically convert the food waste in a decentralized manner by developing a network of franchisees, into livestock feeds. The intermediary products collected from various locations are then post processed to improve product quality and converted to final marketable product. This is done using insect cultivation at decentralized locations to convert waste to protein biomass.


    We are networked with (and growing everyday), with various restaurants and vegetable/fruit market and collecting the wastes from these places to our local plants. This can be replicated on a national scale and at these plants the waste becomes feeds. The byproduct is organic fertilizer, which can be used as a substitute to other fertilizers used today.