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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP81079/2020/KSUM1374
DIPP NO : :DIPP81079

Since November,05 2020
8/256A1, ROCKWELL ROAD, PALLILAMKARA, H.M.T COLONY P O, ERNAKULAM, Ernakulam, Kerala, India, 683503


  • Industry : Life Sciences,HealthTech,Aeronautics Aerospace & Defence,Defence Equipment
  • Sector: Electronics
  • Technology: Security & Surveillance Technology
  • Product Usecase :

    The Sound Velocity Meter Measures the speed of sound in different layers/depth in Ocean. The sound speed depend on the Conductivity, Temperature and Depth, and hence it is mandatory to measure all these parameters in the ocean depth through which a submarine or torpedo travels. CTD Logger and XCTD

  • Product Details :

    Zastrin is launched to invent and manufacture High accuracy Military grade Undersea Warfare systems, especially Anti-Submarine Warfare(ASW) systems. Zastrin already developed and tested High Precision High Speed Sensor Inter-phase circuits, Ultra Low Noise pre-amplifiers, High Power Wide Band Amplifiers, Data Loggers (for prediction and ranging for Sonar Fixing and Ranging channels and Sonic Layer Depth plotting), Ultra High Speed Embedded Artificial Intelligence Platforms and Power Supply Units for underwater sensor networks and naval sabotage installations. Zastrin will invent/innovate Undersea Renewable Energy Harvesters to power up sea bed arrays and sensor networks, during the forth phase of our main project.