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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP7239/2017/KSUM225

Since July,11 2017
Maker village, Kerala Technology innovation zone, Kinfra Hi tech Park, Kalamasseri


  • Sector : Consumer Goods
  • Sub Sector: Home Care Products

Product Usecase

The product idea is to replace the voltage stabilizers used India with a new innovative technology. The product we come up with is having 99% efficiency compared to a conventional voltage stabilizer used for same levels of protection

Product Details

The integrated device circuit breaker (IDCB) from bbhud has an automatic cutoff and warning mechanism in case of earth leakage in any device that the IDCB is connected to. Primarily the IDCB will provide personal protection to the user and also warns him about potential danger of electric shock as long as the root problem is not fixed. This also could prevent the leakage current to spread through the main grounding and thus preventing a total blackout due to ELCB or RCCB action. The supply to the device is automatically reconnected if the problem is fixed. Additionally the IDCB will protect the device from high voltage and low voltage conditions and also provide surge protection.

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