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Louanne Mattioli

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Since June,13 2017
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WhatshalliGet Technologies Pvt.Ltd

  • Industry : Consumer Goods,FoodTech,Retail
  • Sector: Food & Beverage Products,Home Care Products,Beauty & Personal Care Products,Apparel Brands
  • Technology: Mobile Apps
  • Product Usecase :

    WhatshalliGet is to provide an all-new shopping life-cycle to the consumer which integrates the seller in both offline and online products all under one roof.

  • Product Details :

    WhatShalliGet (What Shall I Get)

    The current art of shopping is something which has not changed over time wherever you are in the world. You make your list and then either go online or traipse through the supermarkets or malls, ticking them off your list off as you go. The WhatshalliGet experience was designed from the ground up addressing the humdrum of the norm into something which is simple and exciting and puts a smile on every user's face. 

    The user creates their shopping list by selecting the commodity from the available shop catalog or by manually adding the commodity and share with associated members or group through the mobile app. This adds the product to every associated member's shopping list. Once the item is added, each user prompted with the price and distance to the shop based on their current location. Any associated user can select the commodity and book for purchase or assign an associated user to purchase the commodity or even order the item. And then the selected item can be purchased from a selected online or offline store with various options, such as pay and self collect, pay and get delivered or even COD.