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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech


  • Industry : Enterprise Applications
  • Sector: Customer Service Software
  • Technology: Mobile Apps
  • Product Name : I AM A BOOK LOVER
  • Product Usecase :

    I am a book lover enables it's users to satisfy their need for reading a book without going to a library. Accovet Infotech delivers the book at customer's door step and they can return it back after their use which saves time and cost.

  • Product Details :

    Accovet Infotech Private Limited intend in providing our service towards all the needed who are in the urge to read. We aim at providing a platform to cultivate reading habits among all. In the situation of this pandemic, we will be limited to have access to certain places including a library. And also due to lack of time, many skips the habit of reading too. We came up with an idea where people do not have to go on in search of book but it will be delivered to them as per their need and will be took back the same. Anyone who wishes to read will have access and can read whatever books they wish to. Hence, we have launched “IAM A BOOK LOVER”, our very innovative online lending library which was the first one to start in Trivandrum. We deliver books at the doorsteps to every one in need. We just charge a minimal amount for the same. Once they finish, they can inform and we will be ready to take the old replacing with a new as per required.