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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP98801/2021/KSUM2180
DIPP NO : :DIPP98801

Since October,27 2021
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DOOR NO 28/69/1, PATTURAIKKAL, THRISSUR, Thrissur, Kerala


  • Industry : HealthTech
  • Sector: Consumer HealthTech,Healthcare IT
  • Technology: Aggregator Platform
  • Product Name : Home Collection for Diagnostic Tests
  • Product Usecase :

    A person can easily book(Direct call, Customer App, Website) and perform a diagnostic test sitting at their home. The test can be performed at any lab or hospital of their choice and results can be availed through email/WhatsApp. All these can be done without changing their daily routine.

  • Product Details :

    Access aims to provide quality home collection service to customers within 15 km from the city centre. Access being an healthtech aggregator platform is associated with various Hospitals, National & Regional Chains and Standalone Laboratoris in Kerala where customers can get their diagnostic tests(Blood, Urine and Covid tests) done at the Hospital / Lab of their choice. Customers can book their lab tests by calling directly to our centralized call centre or by using our customer app or website. Customers can schedule a lab test(s) at their convenient time, choose thier preferred time and lab, know about the test rates, track order status, view report history and status through our customer application. Also the reports will be delivered to the customer via WhatsApp and Email.

    Our services are available at Thrissur, Ernakulam,Calicut and Palakkad Districts in Kerala.

    Our revenue structure is based on a revenue share basis from partner labs/hospitals as well as a service charge per collection from the customer. We possess the first mover advantage in the Kerala region and have a customer base of 10000+ customers.