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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

BestDoc Technology

  • Sector : HealthTech
  • Sub Sector: Healthcare IT
  • Technology: Enterprise Solutions

Product Usecase

Intelligent Patient Relationship Management (PRM ) - CRM for Hospitals

Product Details

BestDoc helps hospitals in improving patent experience using smart scheduling algorithms, real-time communication and feedback systems. Patients can save time and get hassle-free experience  by doing online booking, online payments, getting reminder alerts for upcoming visits, using self check-in Kiosks and getting real-time broadcast of doctor checkin/checkout. Feedback on quality of outcome is digitally collected and shared via a Dashboard for Hospital mgmt so that they can take quick actions. Hospitals can also save staff costs by automating patient registrations and renewals via App/Kiosks. The PRM suite can cater to Out-Patient(OP), IP-Patient(IP) and Post-hospitalization engagement scenarios.

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