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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Since October,08 2018
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503, Megabyte royal business centre, Karimpanal Statue Arcade, Statue , Trivandrum

Zaytech Networks Private Limited

  • Sector : AdTech
  • Sub Sector: MarketingTech
  • Technology: Aggregator Platform

Product Usecase

WiFi Monetization - Location based wifi marketing

Product Details

  • ZayWifi is the WiFi Campaign Management System powered by ZayTech Networks Pvt Ltd

  • A cloud based platform for campaign creation and deployment of Full screen banner and Video ads into the device which is connected to our contracted WiFi hotspots.

  • Zaytech Networks  is a company which is into monetizing Free Public WiFi service by pushing Ads.

  • ZayTech Developed a revolutionary solution for generating revenue from various type of public WiFi installations and that is ZayWiFi - WiFi Campaign Management System.

  • ZayWiFi MW CMS is designed to create and manage the Advertiser/Outlets and their campaigns.

Why WiFi as an Ad Platform?

  • At the era of Digital Ads, Location have an important role as the Advertiser is looking for Response Rate… That's all they need…

  • As we are deploying Ads to the devices which is connected to our WiFi network!! That means the user’s device is physically connected to an Access Point.

  • And this is the most accurate User Location Identification than GPS.

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