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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP26131/2016/KSUM243
DIPP NO : :DIPP26131

Since July,11 2016
G28, Mizone campus,dharmashala kannur,kerala

TEB Solutions pvt ltd

  • Sector : Logisitics
  • Sub Sector: Logistics Tech
  • Technology: CRM

Product Usecase

Even in a process-oriented distribution company, usually logistics (logistic management, route planning, capacity planning) is disconnected or manual. Which unknowingly increase 20-40+% of transportation cost. PulzTranz reduces the delivery cost by effective route and yard planning(for eg Total Gas

Product Details

 The digital AI assistant Pulzy/PulzTranz understand distribution business especially Oil&Gas domain. It has customer(petrol/gas bunks, Industries, distributor ) info,  their underground tank capacity, last filled quantity,  level sensor inputs, filling history, festival season, weather, etc.

 It also knows business assets especially the availability of trucks and their characteristics (capacity, speed, type …), loading yards and equipment, employee availability.

1.PulzTranz utilizes all these data to demand prediction, optimized route planning and yard scheduling considering distance, capacity, service time, unloading/loading time, safety constraints and lot more.

2.Smart contingency plan with manual override to avoid dry-outs and create dynamic plans.

3.Neighborhood distribution to avoid fuel returns back to the terminal.

4.Fleet reduction by looping vehicles with an optimal number of vehicles and saving of 8-20%

5.Anomaly detection for identifying sensor/human  errors

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