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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech


  • Sector : Life Sciences
  • Sub Sector: Biotech R&D
  • Technology: Enterprise Solutions

Product Usecase

Organic Waste- Enzymes, Pigments, Fertilizers Biocleanser, Isolation and commercialization of phytoconstituents Bioanalytical services

Product Details

We are trying to develop waste to value added products like enzymes, pigments, fertilizers, treatment facilities or equipments for organic waste and waste water. Developing organic cleanser safe for hands and clothes. Identified various economically valuable phytoconstituents and we are on the process of commercialization.

We are handling Biotechnology related service like screening of molecules for bioactivity,quantitative and qualitative analysis of various biomolecules, microbiological / quality testing of water, molecular level identification of bacteria and fungi, phytochemical analysis, enzymology, protein expression, extraction, purification and characterization, analysis using other instruments available in the laboratories and other customized services.We are also guiding academic projects.

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