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Louanne Mattioli

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Unique Id :DIPP28991/2017/KSUM28
DIPP NO : :DIPP28991

Since September,14 2017
Njaliath Building, Mookkanoor P.O, Angamaly

Viroblitz Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Sector : Life Sciences,HealthTech,Technology
  • Sub Sector: Medical Devices
  • Technology: Nanotechnology

Product Usecase

Eco friendly Air Steriliser/Deodoriser for Hospitals/Home without using chemicals,HEPA filters or UV

Product Details

"Viroblitz" is an Air Steriliser/Deodoriser where we uses Low Energy Cascade Oxidation (LECO) process to sterilise the air.  This doesn’t need chemicals or HEPA filter or UV for sterilising the air. As this technology oxidises any organic molecule, it can not only sterilise, but also deodorise the air. It removes the bad odour causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Therefore, "the dream of a germ free and odour free hospital/home environment can be made a reality by using this technology"The main features of the equipment:

- Chemical free sterilisation (close to 100%)

- Chemical free deodorization (close to 100%)

- Minimal power consumption (50W for 300 Sq. Ft. room)

- Noise level non-detectable

- Compact

- Capacity tailored to the room size and occupancy

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