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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP37613/2018/KSUM377
DIPP NO : :DIPP37613

Since November,27 2018
Nalanchira 695015

Ztonebridge Marketing (OPC)PVT LTD

  • Sector : HealthTech
  • Sub Sector: Healthcare Analytics
  • Technology: Mobile Apps

Product Usecase

Company is planning to come up with a medical app to guide doctors, in India as well as other Asian, African countries, step by step to choose the correct antibiotic and correct diagnostic tests for patients who are suffering from various infections. This is the first of its kind attempt in the worl

Product Details

Indian health sector had a worse turn in recent years due to antibiotic resistant bacteria emerging from our country which become a big threat for human lives worldwide and helth care industry in india.One of the major resons attributed for this emergency of supper bugs which will wipe out mankind in future is the irrational antibiotic preacription by is planing to come up with a medical app to guide doctors,in india as well as other Asin african countries.

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