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Louanne Mattioli

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Unique Id :DIPP37705/2018/KSUM383
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Since February,20 2018
Udyanam, Thamallakkal. P.O, Harippad, Alappuzha, 690548


  • Sector : Energy
  • Sub Sector: Energy Efficiency Tech
  • Technology: Enterprise Solutions

Product Usecase

The services related to Electrical energy generation from available hydro kinetic energy of free stream waters in rivers, irrigation canals, tail races etc.

Product Details

Hydrokinetic Energy conversion is one of the emerging technology in the field of small hydropower.   In this technology the kinetic energy of free stream water is converted in to electrical energy using hydrokinetic turbines. Researchers and developers around the world have already developed a few models of hydrokinetic turbines. The technology as well as turbines are still in developmental, modification and standardization stage according to the flow and velocity characteristics of various places. The importent Benefit of this technology isthat the resource is renewable and produces less or no pollution.

The first step for doing a micro hydroelectric power plant using Hydrokinetic technology is the resource assessment of the project area by means of hydrokinetic energy potential.

Beavers Energy solutions aims to assertain the available hydrokientic energy potential by conduting feasibility studies for the agensies looking forward for implimentation of hydro kinetic energy projects. And impliment hydrokinetic projects for them by the turbine developed by Beavers Energy solutions and other turbines available in market according to its need. 

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