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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Since March,22 2019
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The Chambers, Belhaven Gardens, Kowdiar PO, Trivandrum - 695003

Bepace Intelligence Private Limited

  • Sector : Retail,Technology,Enterprise Applications
  • Sub Sector: Enterprise Collaboration,MarketingTech,Business Intelligence
  • Technology: Aggregator Platform

Product Usecase

Main reasons of businesses failing are lack of marketing, involvement of middlemen which reduces the possibility of directly reaching the end customers and lack of using right technologies in their business processes and organization structure.

Product Details

We have this platform Salespace, an ecommerce platform for technology products and services. By a combination of services to help marketing and improve operational efficiency, we help businesses and startup grow. The platform will act as a direct channel for B2B and B2C sales for technology/IT products and services. It also helps customers to identify the right product than to custom develop/build their solution. Beta version link:

We can promote startups /. other businesses through salespace and also offer them other IT services to improve their business.

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