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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Since July,13 2018
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Suite No - 346 GS2 - Heavenly Plaza Padamugal - Kakkanad, Kochi Kerala - 682021 Travel Automations India Pvt Ltd

  • Sector : Consumer
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Product Usecase

Our extensive research and due diligence to find perfect local tour experts helps travelers to find their perfect travel partner that have an established track record of crafting great travel experiences for travelers.

Product Details

We believe that what you spend for your holiday should economically profit the local society in your dream destination as much as possible as well as it being an incredible travel experience for you. In most destinations, tourism doesn’t benefit local people as much as it should. Not that the travellers are not aware of this, but they have no other go to explore, so they choose the most used means of travel. 

That is is an online marketplace, facilitating handpicked expert local Tour Operators, Resorts, Ayurveda Resorts, Ayurveda Hospitals Home Stays, Trekking clubs, Adventure clubs, Wellness Centers,  Agricultural Farms, Tourism Event Organizers (- all locally owned and managed) and travel accessory manufactures or retailers can create their own exclusive travel store and list their carefully crafted travel packages or products and sell them online. only acts as a mediator between traveler and service providers. doesn’t own, manage or operate any tour packages or products listed in our website. 

Only local tour experts can create great travel experiences for our customer adding some local flavours to the itinerary. 

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