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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

AiBlocks India Private Limited

  • Industry : Artificial Intelligence
  • Sector: Artificial Intelligence
  • Technology: Artificial Intelligence
  • Product Usecase :

    Ai Teacher: Product can be used in industries for rapid prototyping Ai products and in Education sector to teach Artificial intelligence to complete beginners in an innovative way.

  • Product Details :

    we are introducing the product "Ai Teacher". This device will let the Educational Institutions set up Ai Labs in a cost effective way. Ai Teacher is a complete Ai Teaching package for schools and colleges. This device will revolutionize the Ai industry and will make the future generation industry ready.

    The problems that we are solving:

    1. Expense of creating an Ai systems lab is huge. a typical AI based system costs around 20 Lakh Rs.

    2. Cloud solutions are costly, Compared to Edge solutions for education

    3. Lack of quality of content in most of the courses

    4. Traditional Time consuming Bottom-Up approach for learning is used in courses.

    5. Have to complete at least 5 courses before you do a project.

    The solutions are:

    1. A single edge device that can process all the Ai Tasks in a computer network

    (Eg. In a school computer lab)

    2.Cost effective edge solution at a lower price point

    3. Rapid AI prototyping hardware that comes with a structured syllabus.

    4. Product that lets students build projects even before they start learning


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