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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

Tensorbot Innovations

  • Sector : Auto,Artificial Intelligence,Technology,Internet of Things
  • Sub Sector: 3D Printing,Consumer Robotics,Drones,Security & Surveillance Technology
  • Technology: Industrial Robotics

Product Usecase

High rise building glass Cleaning Solar panel cleaning Hazardous and closed chamber cleaning inspection of vertical structure inspection and cleaning of the oil chamber and containers

Product Details

Elevation of most of the high rise buildings is now covered with glass or fiber.  This gives tremendous uplift to the architectural beauty of the building. However, the glass needs regular cleaning. This poses a tremendous challenge primarily due to the height of the building. The cleaning is typically done by people hanging from the rooftop using a rope and harness or a crane system. This involves a high risk to personal safety leading to high cost.  Though there are a few mechanized solutions they are limited in their capability and highly expensive.

We are proposing an adaptive glass and closed chamber cleaning robot that can be safely operated from the ground itself for any layman with ease.

Key functionalities include

  • High-pressure water spray 

  • Cleaning wiper 

  • Robotic arm for cleaning corners and other difficult areas to reach

  • Moping rollers 

  • Ability to move up and down and sideways on vertical surfaces 

  • Ability to move over obstacles (non-flat surfaces)

  • fully and Semi-automatic control system with a live video feed and telemetry data

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