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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DPIIT35839/2018/KSUM352

Since August,21 2018
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Tee media business hub, Pk Nair Road, Samskara jn, Palarivattom


  • Sector : Media & Entertainment
  • Sub Sector: Internet-first Media
  • Technology: Blockchain

Product Usecase

Mymolive trying to stop fake news generation, we are promoting citizen journalism by smartphones. Anybody can update their known news to mymolive by their smartphone. We will verify it by the essence of the block chain technology. And publish to the public. Public read the authentic news by their s

Product Details

Mymolive is an exciting endeavor undertaken by Tee bus Marketing Pvt Ltd for popularizing citizen news. People know how to use a smartphone could easily access and explore the news/information that come to them via Mymolive app; which has been made available on android platform. Mymo live application could be downloaded for free from Google Playstore. Mymolive not only engages its readers with updated news service but enthralls them with a rewarding opportunity for their app related activities such as news reading, sharing as well as reacting to the broad casted news. This reward comes through the E-commerce arm of the app at which not only the readers could buy things on huge offers but also utilize the reward coins that they earned through their activities on the app to buy the things they need. The E-commerce arm of Mymo Live app has been thus set to accept these reward coins as well as the discounts based on these earned coins providing the readers an unmatched benefit for their time online. Mymo Live is unique in a way that the news is served in capsule form that could be easily accessed offline.

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