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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech


  • Sector : Energy,Technology
  • Sub Sector: Solar Energy,Energy Efficiency Tech
  • Technology: Enterprise Solutions

Product Usecase

Precision PWM Voltage Regulators, Isolation Line Conditioners, Dynamic Sag Compensators and Active Voltage Conditioners

Product Details

(a) Precision PWM voltage regulators : 1-50kVA single-phaseand 3-200k VAthree-phaseStatic Voltage Regulators for providing precision power free from surges, sags, swells and HF noises.Our R&D team developed the technology for locations with poor power quality. Productivity increase through control of electronic cardburn-outs, data corruption, machine stoppages.

(b) Dynamic Voltage Restorers/ActiveVoltageConditioners - Technology for 1-30kVA single-phase and 3-100kVA three-phaseDVR/AVC units are designed by our R&D
Team to corrects ags and bring them within permissible operating limits of electronic components.Inaddition,any swells and transients are also controlled. Most cost-effective solution for powering 
high-end electronic machines. 

(c) Static voltage regulator with Automatic bypass - Technology and the Architecture for the Precision fast-PWM ac mains voltage correction,
Bluesun's VRp technology is developed by the engineers and R&D team of the company by the effort of past experience from the manufacturing of the online and offline Ups forHome and industrial sector.

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