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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

Aiderpro Technologies

  • Sector : Auto
  • Sub Sector: Transport Tech
  • Technology: SAAS

Product Usecase

When a user wants to go for a pre-planned or quick rides. Drivers need to know the latest trips from their preferred locations.

Product Details


Our platform is basically a taxi/bus booking system for both pre-planned trips and city rides. The technology we are going to use and the method of pricing will be different from the current online taxi platforms. We will implement two types of platforms in the application. OBP for pre-planned trips and IBS for city rides.

We will completely change the current travel agent system in the case of pre-planned trips and our platform enables users to get connected directly to drivers. IBS system enables city ride users to get amount within 1 minute and drivers can easily manage the trips.  

The current price definition system in online taxi industry will be completely changed. Our application will help the unorganized taxi sector to build their business using technology without any technical knowledge.

Drivers will be able to run their business independently using our platform. Our platform helps to manage their business and helps to contact users. 


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