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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech


  • Sector : Auto,Mobile,Artificial Intelligence,Technology
  • Sub Sector: Artificial Intelligence,Transport Tech,Security & Surveillance Technology
  • Technology: Security & Surveillance Technology

Product Usecase

NEO TREE- A retractable portable traffic signalling tower

Product Details

Traffic gets congested occasionally in festive seasons, during processions, road maintenances, emergency situations, accidents etc. It is not advised to use permanent signaling systems in these areas because the problems exist only for the time being, i.e., not a permanent cause. At present, the problem of maintaining uninterrupted and smooth traffic on roads is rectified by posting traffic wardens or police men at the spot. They are seen in roads maintaining traffic in scorching sun, being exposed to dust and smoke, in heavy rain etc., for hours, even unable to drink water or to take a shade. The hardships they come across during their duty time is really outrageous and is a kind of human rights violation. This product is designed to satisfy the underlined cause. NEOTREE is a portable signaling tower system that be carried easily in 6 feet box with trolley wheels and can be operated without any hustle using remote control system. With minor modifications, it finds application for various purposes like active surveillance, flood lighting, emergency route clearance etc.

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