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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP47841/2017/KSUM645
DIPP NO : :DIPP47841

Since February,14 2017
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  • Sector : Mobile,Technology,Enterprise Applications
  • Sub Sector: ERP,Customer Service Software,Mobile Payments,B2B E-Commerce
  • Technology: ERP

Product Usecase

Name of Use Case: Sahayathrika Application. To promote small scale women entrepreneurs to explore their ideas to the market.

Product Details

We aim to digitalize all the women entrepreneur's small scale as well as large scale business. Our proposed system is a B2B and B2C platform that the women entrepreneurs have the opportunity to explore their ideas. Our present scenario is that small scale women entrepreneur has no platform to explore their products or the business to the large scale market. Through our application, we provide a gateway to such women entrepreneurs.

Our application provides free registration to build entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and end-user in one platform to develop the business. Using our system, small scale women entrepreneur has the privilege to sell bulk products to other users, find investors, meet advisors to improve the quality of their products. If a user interest in investing in a product, they can get live reviews of the related product of previous investors and get advice from them. If a user registered as an advisor, they have the privilege to advise the entrepreneurs. It will help to improve the quality of their products and thereby to get more business. Advisors will get a token amount from the user for their service.

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