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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DPIIT32667/2018/KSUM755

Since July,10 2018
KSIDC Business Incubation Center, Geo Infopark, Infopark, Kochi 682042

Allyyc Biz Solutions Private Limited

  • Industry : Mobile,Retail,Consumer
  • Sector: FoodTech,Local Services,Marketplaces,Mobile Payments
  • Technology: Aggregator Platform
  • Product Usecase :

    Our product is mobile app that can be used by users to collect benefits at the co-brands of a business listing, which can be redeemed at the co-branded business listing using the mobile app. This further generates new perks at other co-brands of that listing too. User gets guaranteed benefits (perk)

  • Product Details :

    We are an O2O B2B2C mobile marketplace. We are innovating trade to revolutionize lifestyle. We are giving business the opportunity to collaborate with each other across their sectors and attract customers efficiently.

    We have both iOS and Android interface for our users to access the business listings, transact and redeem their perks. Our business listings can access Allyyc web app to monitor their users and manage their co-brands & perks.

    Key Innovations:

    • "Co-brand with a purpose" initiative replaces the typical model of placing your brand name with another brand, which does not guarantee customers.
    • Allyyc Co-branding give businesses high visibility & gain customers of the brands they co-brand with by offering perks.
    • While a business co-brand with other businesses, it can also have its own set of co-brands.
    • Users get guaranteed perks at each business listing they go through spread across sectors.
    • Users can redeem their perks just by scanning Allyyc QR code displayed at the listing.
    • User behavior data can further improve business collaboration and commerce trends