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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

Linsys Innovations PVT LTD

  • Sector : HealthTech
  • Sub Sector: Healthcare IT
  • Technology: Enterprise Solutions

Product Usecase

An integrated software platform as SAAS- Hospitals and clinics need to automate their day to day operations using an integrated online software platform in which hospital directors,staff,doctors can login and do their work more efficiently. Patients also have login in this platform.

Product Details

We have developed a healthcare portal( which will be available in the market software as a service. We are developing and releasing it to customers in different phases. The software service targets all kinds of clinics and medium hospitals initially to manage their day to day appointments and management more efficiently using our portal.  The clinics will be paper less and currency less and our aim to promote digital india. We are providing apps for hospital directors, doctors, staffs, patients and all in single platform with role based access.  Patient app is really innovative and provides push notification services, treatment records, payment options and it is very much helps patients when they have hospital visits.This product will scale up in each month and will increase the number of customers so that we can generate more employment in our company since we need to have more developers to support customers. We will generate employment in marketing also. We are using cloud infrastructure and is very easy to manage. We are using latest technology stack of java sprint boot, Angular 7, ionic framework for hybrid app development.

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