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Louanne Mattioli

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Unique Id :DIPP54274/2019/KSUM787
DIPP NO : :DIPP54274

Since October,24 2019
Ligero kochi advertising pvt ltd,7/186-A, Naduvil kunnat(h), Mulvukad (po), Ernakulam,Kerala

Ligero kochi Advertising private limited company

  • Sector : Media & Entertainment,AdTech
  • Sub Sector: Tech for Traditional Advertising,Mobile Advertising,AdTech,Online Video
  • Technology: Display Technology

Product Usecase

Construction and Maintenance of Advanced Smart Bus Shelters, Construction and Maintenance of Smart Air Conditioned Bus Shelters , Consultant & Constructors in Public utility services, Public utility service providers, Advertisement services.

Product Details

Our project proposal envisages the commencement and establishment program of M/s LIGERO KOCHI ADVERTISING PVT, LTD to provide construction and maintenance of public utility services and advanced  advertisement techniques,  which aims at meeting the increased needs of innovative projects and services to  public and there by providing them a better  class of living.

Currently, existing utility services provided by authorized parties  are not provided with any facilities and proper house keeping.
People are suffering from all kind of problems in existing utility services including all kind of pollutions. Even though investment is high, public relations and public benefit is lower than what it aims. The
'Conventional model' utility service sectors are mostly running  without any maintenance.
Even in the case of service providing to native & foreign  travellers, passengers are often complaining to various authorities and medias about the insufficiency of proper services at this region.  This is happened due to lack of using innovative technologies in public utility services. So by using modern technology we can solve the same. 

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