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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

Baby Marine Seafood Retail Private Limited

  • Sector : Food
  • Sub Sector: Online Grocery,Food & Beverage Products
  • Technology: Mobile Apps

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Daily Fish Online seafood store offers you as good as live ready to cook products which are at par with what is available in international markets. Daily Fish products can be ordered thru its website, Mobile app and Call Center. Daily Fish offers the entire range of seafood which includes Fishes, Shrimps, Squids, and Crabs. The products are available in the online store throughout the year and can be ordered online and the same will be delivered in the next available slot. To ensure quality, we are determined to get seafood caught directly from sea to our factories which is strategically located near to landing stations in the east and west coasts of south India. After careful inspection by our experts, the products are treated individually at -40°c, thereby locking the freshness and flavour of the fish. This process is done using the IQF technology, after which products are packed in vacuum packs and stored at a temperature of about -18°C in a hygiene storage condition till it is delivered at your doorstep. We thus maintain the tastier and healthier contents in your fish.  Daily Fish delivers you 100% genuine product without adding any added chemicals and preservatives.

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