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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech
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Unique Id :DIPP50662/2019/KSUM805
DIPP NO : :DIPP50662

Since August,16 2019
Hiba Plaza Building Number 1025 Floor 2 ,Suite 2


  • Sector : Mobile,Consumer,Technology
  • Sub Sector: Local Services,Marketplaces,Essential Mobile Apps
  • Technology: Mobile Apps

Product Usecase

Fixail is an easy to use and convenient mobile platform where service providers and customers can engage with each other to provide services and effective solutions to problems.The Fixail app is centered around the ease of use for customers. Once you have signed up with your basic details, you just

Product Details

Fixail is an On demand home service App, which provide a  platform where customers can reach out to service providers for  effective solutions to their problems. The Fixail app is centered around the ease of use and addresses customers problem to exact point so that customers can opt for both individual workers or authorised service providers which is specifically for high end home appliances service. The App is build simple, with sign up section using basic details and user interactive problem addressing methods to provide the right service. More over with location fetched service provider listing. Customers can select a specific individual or authorised service provider by their ratings and reviews and number of tasks completed to ensure the experience and quality of the worker. Simply select the date, time that you need them and that’s it! You’re all set to get your problem fixed .

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