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Louanne Mattioli

Amento Tech

Beagle Security

  • Sector : Cyber Security
  • Sub Sector: Artificial Intelligence,Cybersecurity
  • Technology: Security & Surveillance Technology

Product Usecase

Automated Web Application Penetration Testing Tool (NexGen Intelligent Security Solution) Security testing tool for your websites and APIs Find the security loopholes in your web application before hackers do Penetration testing with SANS and OWASP standards Manager and developer-friendly reports

Product Details

The seed for the product was sown years before it came to life when the founders got to know each other and shared the passion for building things. Cyber security was an area of keen interest for both of us and we agreed on the fact that a security solution that addressed customer needs was clearly missing. We set out to solve the problem and create a product that made security easier and accessible for businesses.

That is how Beagle Security was born. Built with the vision to provide affordable security solutions for growing businesses to address their concerns. Years of research and development combined with our industry experience lead to what we have today.

We are continuously innovating to reduce human effort and improve the accuracy and efficiency of penetration testing with the help of artificial intelligence. We’re building a secure future we believe in with the help of some amazing customers who are at the centre of all our efforts, helping us to grow and do the best work of our lives.

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